About our courses

If you’ve been searching for bespoke Adobe courses tailored to your specific needs and delivered by a trainer that is working in the design industry - then look no further!

Our range of Adobe and Graphic Design courses are delivered by a designer with over 30 years experience in the industry. We know that just understanding how one programme works in isolation is not enough - you need to see the complete picture. This hands on course will ensure that you understand how the Adobe products interact and how to create design work that will meet industry best practice. We love to share trade secrets and short cuts to enable you use the software to the best effect.
The sessions are delivered in a friendly environment in a garden studio from 10-4pm and include refreshments and a delicious lunch. Each course is tailored to your specific needs so you bring along the wish list and we’ll make sure your wishes are granted! For example you could learn 3 hours of Photoshop and then 3 hours of InDesign. The choice is yours.
We appreciate that it’s challenging putting all your new knowledge into practice once you complete the course, so we offer a free three month helpline on all the topics that our course covered.

Experts around the world use Adobe InDesign to create leaflets, newspapers, magazines, brochures, posters, flyers and publications for both print and digital distribution. Learn the essentials of InDesign with no prior knowledge with this one day course. Bring your own projects and create live designs. There is an option to progress onto a second day to learn how to prepare your designwork for print.

Our one day Introduction to Adobe Photoshop is designed for complete beginners and is well suited to those wanting to learn all of the most commonly used features found in Photoshop. Take it to the next level with our one day Intermediate Adobe Photoshop course that builds on the basic knowledge, allowing you to learn a wealth of new techniques to enhance your Adobe Photoshop skills.

  • Adobe Illustrator is Adobe’s primary vector drawing program, making it great for illustration, infographics, designs, web icons, maps and logos. Practical, real-world exercises feature heavily in our one day Illustrator course, so if you are new to Adobe Illustrator and need a course that helps you to get to grips with the software then we have the perfect Illustrator training course for you.

    Knowing how to use design software is just the first step towards producing professional looking designs. Our resident designer will guide you through design principles to help improve your skills. Build a course that works around you and your employment. From a one day course, to several half day sessions which focus on actual projects. Discover the secrets of effective typography, colour and layout.

    For more information on great multi-day offers and to discuss your needs in more depth
    call Celia Rumley on 01227 464877

    "Quality training taught
    in a fresh and fun way"

    Jarle Tatt
    Managing Director of Noel Tatt Group